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This monthly newsletter compiles information on the upcoming and last activities carried out by the EUIPO in the context of the EU-Funded IP projects implemented on behalf of the European Commission.
IP Key Projects 
Upcoming Activities

The protection of GIs as a high-priority topic in the region brings EU experts to Mexico


Area: Latin America Location: Mexico

As one of the biggest agri-food producers in Latin America and the origin of many EU imports, the importance of the Mexican market and the growing trade relationship between Europe and Mexico has created the need to discuss and exchange best practice as regards protecting denominations of origin … [read more]

Plant Variety Rights | Online technical training for Chinese experts


Area: China Location: Online

This year, IP Key China continues its cooperation with the CPVO and Chinese authorities operating in the field of plant variety protection (PVP), to organise online training on 20-22 October.

The training is planned in the context of the administrative agreements (AA) signed by the CPVO...[read more]

IP Key LA organises workshop that highlights counterfeiting as a threat to society


Area: Latin America Location: Regional

According to the EUIPO: ‘Illicit trade in fake goods is a major challenge in an innovation-driven global economy. It has a negative impact on the sales and profits of affected firms, as well as broader adverse effects on the economy as well as public health, safety and security.ʼ Taking this...[read more]


IPR Development
Upcoming Activities

ARISE+ IPR contribution to AsiaGI training


Area: ARISE+ IPR Location: Online

To enhance the value of local products and inform geographical indications (GI) producers in the ASEAN region about how they can benefit from having their GIs protected, ARISE+ IPR will continue to support the 5th and 6th editions of the AsiaGI training in 2020 and 2021… [read more]




IPKey Projects
Activities from 01/06/20 to 10/09/20

EU experts share best practices on modern copyright protection systems


Area: South-East Asia Location: South-East Asia

Copyright policy officials from the SEA countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, participate in a seminar and round-table discussion on the features of modern copyright protection systems. In these sessions, EU copyright experts share best… [read more]

Copyright and the publishing landscape in Latin America and Europe, addressed in series of webinars


Area: Latin America Location: Regional

IP Key LA has organised a digital conference focused on copyright protection and enforcement matters relevant to the publishing industries. The event is co- organized with the Federation of European Publishers (FEP), Centro de Administración de Derechos Reprográficos de Argentina (CADRA) and the... [read more]

IP Key LA to Host Virtual Seminar on Industrial Design Rights


Area: Latin America Location:  Online

Organised by IP Key LA with the support of the EUIPO and IP offices from France and Spain, the activity aims to improve administrative procedures for the protection of industrial designs and to promote the benefits and advantages of the Hague... [read more]

Virtual Workshop on IT Tools for Latin American IP Offices


Area: Latin America Location: Regional

This activity, organised by IP Key LA with the support of the EUIPO, IP offices in Latin America and ASIPI, is a continuation of workshops held in previous years: in San José, Costa Rica in June 2018, and Quito, Ecuador in June 2019 for search and classification tools; and in Lima, Peru in… [read more]

Webinars on geographical indications


Area: South-East Asia Location: Online

IP Key SEA organises a series of webinars on geographical indication (GI) protection in the EU and international trade agreements and control of GIs and protection in the market .
The activity supports the more effective GI protection and control mechanisms that benefit not only GI… 
[read more]

Trade mark training for examiners from Central American countries, Dominican Republic and Mexico


Area: Latin America Location: Central American countries, Cuba and Mexico

Due to the current pandemic, an online workshop dedicated to trade marks has been organised by IP key LA, in collaboration with CarIPI. The target group comprises officials, in particular trade mark examiners from the national IP offices of Central America, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.... [read more]

New patent training for Latin American examiners from Mercosur and the Andean Community countries


Area: Latin America Location: virtual workshop

Due to the current contingency, IP Key LA is organizing a virtual workshop with the EPO, to provide training on EPO examination practice in the field of biotechnology to selected examiners from nine IPOs: INPI Argentina, INPI Brazil, INDECOPI Peru, SIC Colombia, DNPI Uruguay, SENADI Ecuador...

Technical discussions with the IP offices of Malaysia and Thailand on the enhancement of GI protection


Area: South-East Asia Location: Online

IP Key SEA organises technical meetings on the enhancement of geographical indication (GI) protection on 26 and 30 June 2020 with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) and the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) Thailand, respectively. The activity aims to contribute to... [read more]

Series of webinars on trade mark to focus on new types of trade marks and well-known marks, and preventing bad faith registrations


Area: South-East Asia Location: Indonesia, Viet Nam

On 23, 25 and 29 June 2020, IP Key SEA organizes a series of webinars on trade marks to discuss the new developments in non-traditional or new types of trade marks in a fast moving digital world and how these marks are assessed by IP Offices. Protecting well-known marks and measures to prevent... [read more]

Workshop on Quality Patent Examination


Area: South-East Asia Location: Thailand

The Workshop on Quality Patent Examination takes place online on 17-19 June 2020. The programme includes hands-on discussions and practical exercises on topics such as the requirements of sufficient disclosure, clarity, and unity of invention. The webinar is organised in collaboration with the... [read more]

Workshop on Advanced and Efficient Patent Search for Examiners


Area: South-East Asia Location: Thailand

To improve the SEA patent examinersʼ search capabilities and promote consistency between the search result of European and SEA patent examiners, IP Key SEA, in collaboration with the European Patent Office (EPO), organises an online workshop on efficient search tools and practices on 15- 16 June... [read more]

Private sectors, ISPs and IP authorities to discuss online IPR infringements in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand


Area: South-East Asia Location: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

IP Key SEA organizes on 10 (Indonesia), 11 (Malaysia) and
12 (Thailand) June 2020 a video conference on the Exchange of Best Practices on Industry Voluntary Measures Against Online IPR Infringements to find effective solutions and remedies to the problems that online... [read more]

IPR Development Projects
Activities from 01/06/20 to 10/09/20

CARIFORUM IP offices - Webinar on trademark classification


Area: CarIPI Location: online

On 19 May, the CarIPI project hosted a first large virtual meeting & training on trademarks classification delivered by a senior EUIPO legal expert, Mr Thom Clark, with the participation of representatives of almost all CARIFORUM countries, so as representatives from the CARIFORUM Directorate… [read more]

ARISE+ IPR to celebrate local artisansʼ culture and promote design rights in Cambodia and Lao PDR


Area: ARISE+ IPR Location: Online

Local artists, designers, and artisans have a great deal of potential to preserve their culture and wisdom, empowering their communities and boosting their industriesʼ economy using Intellectual property... [read more]

Online training on new types of designs and international classification


Area: ARISE+ IPR Location: online

As a follow-up activity to the training course ASEAN Common Guidelines on the Registrations of Industrial Designs held in October 2019, ARISE+ IPR will organise online training sessions on new types of designs and international classification on 21 and 23 July 2020... [read more]

Trade mark opposition procedures; and TM distinctiveness and likelihood of confusion in RG


Area: CarIPI Location: online

The training is expected to strengthen the technical capacities and skills of the CF IP Offices staff on TM examination, with particular focus on TM opposition proceedings, and TM distinctiveness and likelihood of confusion.
Watch these videos related with this activity... [read more]

Interrelations between Trade Marks and GIs


Area: CarIPI Location: online

The training aims at strengthening the technical capacities and skills of the CF IP Offices staff on TM and GI examination. The online training will particularly focus on the technical aspects regarding the relations between GIs and TMs (incl... [read more]

IPR Enforcement Seminar for Law Enforcement Agencies of CARIFORUM countries


Area: CarIPI Location: online

The seminar is targeted at senior officers with responsibility in enforcement and experience in particular with IPR enforcement, from customs authorities and police of the 16 CARIFORUM countries... [read more]

Specialised training on GIs for IPO staff


Area: CarIPI Location: online

25 June - Protecting non-EU Geographical Indications in the EU 

ARISE+ IPR organised a meeting to discuss the development of the ASEAN IP Academy


Area: ARISE+ IPR Location: online

On 15 and 17 June 2020, ARISE+ IPR organised a meeting with representatives from the ASEAN IP Offices to discuss the development of the ASEAN IP Academy and other related aspects... [read more]

ARISE+ IPR supports the accession of ASEAN Member States to the Hague Systems through gap analysis and regional workshops


Area: ARISE+ IPR Location: South-East Asia

In 2020, ARISE+ IPR provides legal and technical assistance in preparations for accession to as well as the post-accession of the implementation of the Hague Agreement, concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs (Geneva Act) for the ASEAN Member States, via two components.

If you (or your institution) are interested in the implementation of these activities as experts please register in the Call of Expression of interest




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