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This monthly newsletter compiles information on the upcoming and last activities carried out by the EUIPO in the context of the EU-Funded IP projects implemented on behalf of the European Commission.
IP Key Projects 
Upcoming Activities
Response to On-line Counterfeiting and Piracy: Feasibility Study and Seminar/Conference

Area: China Location: China

China’s online and e-commerce environment is undergoing significant changes, both from a legislative point of view and the perspective of rights holders and sellers. With the advent of new technologies such as blockchain and AI, these currents have sparked new debates about the enforcement of an …

Right holders forum at the EUIPO combined with a study visit to EU seaports and airports

Area: China Location: EUIPO (Alicante, Spain) and EU seaports/airports

In the framework of the support to EU-CN Customs Action Plan, IP Key China will organise, in cooperation with DG TAXUD, a study visit for a Chinese delegation (5 GACC representatives and Chinese Customs Officers) to the customs facilities of important EU seaports or airports, aiming at …

Fourth EU-China IP Academic Forum in the context of EUCIPAN

Area: China Location: EU

Designed and built by IP Key China, the EU-China IP Academic Network (EUCIPAN) has been working on supporting the exchange between EU and Chinese academia to ensure a sustainable collaboration for providing a steering group, research opportunities and online network (…

IP Key SEA IP Enforcement Week 2019

Area: South-East Asia Location: Bangkok

On 9 to 13 September 2019, IP Key South-East Asia is organizing the IP Enforcement Week 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand with a series of events geared towards IP policy-makers, IP officials, law enforcement authorities, IP stakeholders, and businesses in South-East Asia. …

Knowledge Exchanges on Patent Law Reform

Area: China Location: EU (tentatively: Belgium, Germany and Denmark)

China’s Patent Law, which lays the foundation for the legal framework of patent laws, was adopted in 1984, and amended three times in 1992, 2000 and 2008. Although the Chinese Patent Law per se has not been changed since 2008, several aspects of the law have already been revised …

IP Key LA introduces the Second IP Enforcement and Governance Week, in Argentina

Area: Latin America Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

18 months after starting work on the construction and consolidation of an intellectual property network in the region, IP Key LA announces the second week dedicated to the Observance and Governance of Intellectual Property. On this occasion, the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, will host …

Seminars for Judges on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights and Online Markets

Area: Latin America Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

IP Key LA has convened judges with IP jurisdiction from courts in Brazil, other Mercosur countries and Chile to participate in the seminars "Infringements of copyright in the digital environment" -organized in collaboration with IFPI- and "The observance of trade mark and design rights and …

Support for the Drafting of the Trademark Examination Guidelines of IP Viet Nam

Area: South-East Asia Location: Ha Noi, Viet Nam

The IP Key Southeast Asia (SEA) Project has been providing technical expertise in support to the drafting of the Trademark Examination Guidelines of the Intellectual Property Office of Viet Nam (IP Viet Nam). Trademark experts were dispatched by the IP Key SEA Project to IP Viet Nam in …

Sub-Regional Meeting of Experts on Patents of Central American Countries and the Dominican Republic

Area: Latin America Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

The Regional Seminar on the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the Sub-Regional Meeting of Experts on Patents of Central American Countries and the Dominican Republic for the update of the Processing Manual of Patent Applications and the strengthening of collaboration mechanism, will take place in …

Trainings for Chinese experts in the EU on the examination of applications for Plant Variety Rights

Area: China Location: France, Germany, The Netherlands

CPVO and two Chinese PVP authorities, MARA and NFGA, signed administrative arrangements (AA) at the occasion of the 9th National Forum on Agricultural Intellectual Property which took place in Qingdao, China on 15 November 2017…


IP Key Projects 
Activities from 01/07/19 to 31/07/19
New Workshop on Trade Marks and Designs Examination Practice

Area: Latin America Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

In the context of a week-long Technical Workshop on Tools and Practices developed under the European Union Intellectual Property Network (EUIPN), organised by the EUIPO in San José, Costa Rica, IP Key LA co-hosted a Regional Workshop on Trade Mark and Design Examination Practices …

Technical Workshop on Common Tools and Practices Developed by the European Network of Trade Marks and Designs

Area: Latin AmericaLocation: San Jose, Costa Rica

EUIPO and IP Key LA organized this week-long technical workshop in Costa Rica as a follow-up to the workshops that took place in Cuba in December 2017, Costa Rica in June 2018 on search and classification tools and Lima in November 2018 on quality and productivity tools …

EU Conference on Geographical Indications and the Lisbon Agreement (Geneva Act)

Area: Latin AmericaLocation: Lisbon, Portugal

IP Key LA and SEA will support the Worldwide Symposium on Geographical Indications organized by WIPO and the Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). The activity will provide an opportunity for participants from SEA and LA countries to gain insights on the need to improve the …

EU Conference on Geographical Indications and the Lisbon Agreement (Geneva Act) and Study Visits on Geographical Indications

Area: South-East Asia Location: Lisbon, Portugal

IP Key South-East Asia has supported the participation of high-level intellectual property (IP) officials in charge of Geographical Indications (GIs) in the 2019 edition of the Worldwide Symposium on Geographical Indications and in the GI Study Visit held on 02-04 and 05-06 July, respectively …



ARISE+ IPR Project 
Activities from 01/07/19 to 31/07/19
ARISE+ IPR publishes booklet on Geographical Indications in the ASEAN Region

Area: ARISE+ IPR Location: Online

ARISE+ IPR, in coordination with the national Intellectual Property (IP) offices of the ASEAN Member States, publishes a booklet on ASEAN Geographical Indications (GIs) procedures and products. …


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