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This monthly newsletter compiles information on the upcoming and last activities carried out by the EUIPO in the context of the EU-Funded IP projects implemented on behalf of the European Commission.
IP Key Projects 
IPKey Latin America

past activities

IP Key LA and IMPI launch first economic impact study in Mexico
IP Key LA, IMPI and the EU Delegation in Mexico presented the first IP Economic Impact Study in Latin America. This study focuses on the Mexican economy and reflects the impact IP-intensive industries have on the Mexican economy. 

IP Key LA and EPO join efforts in giving a patent training session for CII
In order to provide training for the officials of local IP Offices in charge of the examination of CII patents, the EPO and IP Key LA designed a virtual workshop set that was held over two half-day sessions in March.

Geographical indications for Andean countries
IP Key LA designed a two-day activity to encourage an exchange of best practices on protecting and promoting successful GIs, which included an open seminar led by EU experts and a closed workshop between representatives from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and the EUIPO.

IPKey South-East Asia

upcoming activities

Webinar Series on Geographical Indications
The series of webinars planned under this activity focuses on the technical aspects of GIs, including control of GIs, issues on GI enforcement and the main features of the Lisbon Agreement.

past activities

Executive Director meets Director General Leewiraphan from Thai IP office
The ED had a first virtual meeting with the new DG from DIP to discuss the ongoing cooperation activities and identify future priorities.

IP Key SEA organised the ‘Webinar on Trade Secrets’ to raise awareness on the protection of trade secrets in the EU and in the SEA region and the remedies business owners use should their trade secrets be misappropriated.

Other International IP Cooperation Projects

past activities

2nd meeting of the ASEAN Design Convergence Network
The 2nd ASEAN Design Convergence Network Meeting was held online and it focused on the discussion on two topics identified and approved by ASEAN Member States, including Graphic Representation of Design, and Disclosure on the Internet.

The 2nd meeting of the ASEAN Trade mark Convergence Network
ARISE+ IPR organised virtually the 2nd Trade Mark Convergence Network Meeting which aimed at identifying topics of concern, methodology, the responsibilities of each party, and the timeline for implementation.

Support to the maintenance and updating of ASEAN IT Tools
ARISE+ IPR experts continue assisting with technical support to ASEAN IP Offices in the updating, managing and maintenance of the ASEAN IT Tools.

ARISE+ IPR organised a series of online roundtable discussions for ASEAN judges and prosecutors covering the enforcement of IP rights in the judicial environment, IPR protection and enforcement in ASEAN Member States, and IPR protection from the perspective of Civil and Criminal Law. It will also include the sharing of EU decisions on IPR cases.

Successful 5th EU-ASEAN Heads of IP Offices Meeting
On 25 March 2021, the EUIPO Executive Director, Mr Christian Archambeau, participated in a successful 5th EU-ASEAN Heads of IP Offices Meeting. The meeting was organised under the ARISE+ IPR Project to strengthen the relations between the Heads of ASEAN IP Offices and provide them with a platform for sharing best practices, and to formulate new areas of EU-ASEAN collaboration and points of convergence that take into account the individual IP Offices’ priority areas.

Support to the ASEAN IP Academy
ARISE+ IPR launched the online training modules for all ASEAN Member States and the relevant officials within each IP Offices on the ARISE+ IPR website and the EUIPO e-learning portal to support the implementation of the ASEAN IP Academy, aiming to provide an integrated learning platform and share content between the ASEAN Member States and EUIPN partners.

Training for national IPR helpdesk in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar
ARISE+ IPR provided a strategic training course for the IPR helpdesk staff in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar including topics as introduction to trade mark, design and GI protection and the associated benefits, international protection systems, and the importance of customer service.

Impact Study of ASEAN Geographical Indication registration in the ASEAN region
ARISE+ IPR provided technical and administrative support for the elaboration of an ‘Impact Study of ASEAN GI registration in the ASEAN region’ aiming to encourage and facilitate the registration of national GIs in other ASEAN Member States, with an end-of-view to promoting and protecting local GIs in the ASEAN market; and contributing to the extension of the IPR protection.

Evaluation study of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement
ARISE+ IPR provided legal and technical support for the elaboration of an ‘Evaluation study on the accession and recommendations on the implementation of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement on Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications’, aiming to assist ASEAN Member States interested in acceding to the Geneva Act in the pre-accession preparation and post-accession implementation.

Study on the role and involvement of women in the community-based industries related to IPR in ASEAN
The study content includes a comparative analysis of key community-based and women-led industries across ASEAN, a discussion on the women’s relationships with the IP landscape in the region, and a showcase of products from relevant sectors, aiming to raise awareness on the gender aspect of MSMEs and creative sectors and promote the benefits that IPR protection provides to community-based industries led by women.

past activities

Online ‘Train the Trainer’ session
The training course, organised by the EU-Georgian Intellectual Property Project (EUGIPP), is part of the initiative ‘Creativity and IP in Georgian schools’, which intended to reach out to over 1 000 Georgian students during the academic year. By attending the seminar, participants learned how to plan and deliver effective training courses on IP matters, creativity, and innovation to students.

Guidelines on designs finalised
The EU-Georgia Intellectual Property Project (EUGIPP) has been supporting the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia (Sakpatenti) to develop examination guidelines for national and international design applications. The guidelines on designs will enhance the administrative frameworks for protecting intellectual property rights (IPRs) in Georgia and will improve the quality of IPR administration services. Moreover, they will ensure decisions taken by Sakpatenti are consistent. Furthermore, the guidelines will guarantee that Sakpatenti’s file handling practice is coherent.


past activities

Webinar “Exchange of practice for design examiners”
With the objective of strengthening the technical capacities and skills of the CARIFORUM IPO staff examiners in the field of designs, CarIPI organised a series of online trainings on design examination to exchange best practices and share knowledge on design examination between designs experts from the EU and CARIFORUM.

Webinar “Design examination– practical aspects 1”
A second session was organised by CarIPI to cover some practical aspects of design examination, including topics such as Product indication, Classification of Designs, the Locarno Agreement, and the concept of deferment of publication for Registered Community Designs.

Webinar “Design examination– practical aspects 2”
This webinar closed this first series of interventions aimed at enhancing the capacities of the Design Examiners of CARIFORUM IP Offices. This time focus was put on the graphical representation of designs and correct use of visual disclaimers.

Benefits of convergence of IP systems for cross-border trade
CarIPI hosted a webinar directed at EPA coordinators, policymakers, and private sector representatives of CARIFORUM to raise awareness on the benefits – for the business sector and in particular to SMEs - on the existing regional and international convergence efforts, as well as the positive impacts regional harmonisation of IP systems for TMs have on trade in IP-rich goods and services and overall economic development.

GI Model law II Consultation Meeting
CarIPI reviewed the draft GI Model Law developed by CarIPI with CARIFORUM States (consultation process) along with the forms and regulations, recently developed by the project. This second consultation addressed main issues arising from the last meeting and new queries, especially as drafts persons will be in attendance.


upcoming activities

Capacity building workshop on geographical indications for public sector/policy makers in Nigeria
IP First Group, Africa International Trade and Commerce Research (AITCR), and the EUIPO organised this workshop which had as main objectives to discuss how best to prepare the public sector in promoting GIs in Nigeria (capacity building), the technical requirements of implementing a sui generis system to protect and promote GIs in Nigeria, and seek to identify local policymakers and influencers willing to help draft the legislation needed to support the initiative.

past activities

A new African GI manual coming soon
The Consultative Committee for the Continental Strategy for GIs in Africa set out an action plan for 2020, reaffirming their commitment to the development of GIs. The manual is an important step in the promotion of this strategy. Currently, this new and more detailed version is being finalised in line with the comments received during the consultation processes carried out over the past months.

Support to IP Academies network
Representatives from the Nigerian and Ethiopian intellectual property offices and from the EUIPO Academy, held an online workshop to exchange best practices on how to set up their own IP Academies: how best to adapt existing EUIPO e-learning materials to their specific needs, Academy’s mission and structure, how it interacts with internal and external stakeholders, and the workflow for delivering training and organising learning activities.

Development of the OAPI trade mark and designs examination guidelines
AfrIPI supported the OAPI with the drafting of guidelines based on the EUIPO guidelines and EU common practices. The aim is to enhance the quality, consistency and transparency of the work undertaken by the OAPI member states’ IP Offices with regard to the examination of trade mark and design applications, through the drafting of guidelines.

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