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This monthly newsletter compiles information on the upcoming and last activities carried out by the EUIPO in the context of the EU-Funded IP projects implemented on behalf of the European Commission.
IP Key Projects 
IPKey China

upcoming activities

May 2021
Experts workshop on geographical indications
In 2021 the IP Key China project will organise various exchanges and training in the context of the EU-China bilateral agreement on geographical indications (GIs), with the objective of supporting its entry into force. The first exchange will take place in the last week of May. 

past activities

EU SMEs and IP: Taking your ideas to China’s market
Innovation is a key source of growth, and protection of Intellectual Property (IP) has always been the driving force of innovation. The European Union (EU), as global leader in green and digital technologies, has been taking measures to incentivise EU SMEs to make use of the full potential of IP and put them on the right track towards economic recovery.

IPKey Latin America

past activities

IP Key LA and EPO join efforts in giving a patent training session for CII
In order to provide training for the officials of local IP Offices in charge of the examination of CII patents, the EPO and IP Key LA designed a virtual workshop set that was held over two half-day sessions in March.

Geographical indications for Andean countries
IP Key LA designed a two-day activity to encourage an exchange of best practices on protecting and promoting successful GIs, which included an open seminar led by EU experts and a closed workshop between representatives from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and the EUIPO.

SMEs and intellectual property, a winning combination
EU-funded projects, such as IP Key Latin America and the Latin America IP SME Helpdesk, support SMEs either through training and education or through direct guidance and advice, in learning how to identify the different IP assets they work with, how to develop strategies to protect them, and how to use IP-related knowledge in marketing the product locally, regionally and internationally.
Seminars on IP solutions for SMEs working in Latin America
IP Key LA has worked intensively to raise awareness and inform SMEs about the opportunities and advantages of protecting IPR. The project has planned two seminars that will take place in a virtual environment, both in Latin America and the EU. The seminars included topics such as “Intellectual Property Rights for innovative SMEs", and "Achieving competitiveness though IPRs”, aiming to cover basic strategies related with the commercialisation of IPRs, particularly on business with an international reach.

IPKey South-East Asia

upcoming activities

12 April - 16 June 2021
Workshops on Advanced Patent Search and Examination
SEA will invite senior patent examiners from the patent offices of Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand to attend the workshops organised by the project in collaboration with the EPO, aiming to establish a platform for the exchange of best practices between European patent search experts and senior SEA patent examiners.

May 2021
Exchange of Best Practices on IPR Legal Remedies
This activity aims to raise awareness among IP judges and prosecutors in SEA on the latest methods, jurisprudence, and developments related to the granting of legal remedies against IPR infringements in both the physical and online environments. It will showcase EU case-law and approaches to IPR adjudication and case build-up towards the successful granting of civil and criminal remedies against IPR infringements.

20 - 21 May 2021
Webinar Series on Geographical Indications
This activity seeks to contribute to strengthening the sui generis geographical indication (GI) systems in the SEA countries. The series of webinars planned under this activity focuses on the technical aspects of GIs, including control of GIs, issues on GI enforcement and the main features of the Lisbon Agreement. The webinars will serve as a tool to continue promotion of the sui generis GI system in SEA among national IP, agriculture, enforcement and trade officials, as well as EU and SEA businesses and IP attorneys.

May 2021
Webinar on the Protection and Enforcement of IPRs in Online Platforms in SEA
This activity is aimed at raising awareness among EU businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), on how to better enforce their IPRs when faced with infringing content in online and e-commerce platforms in SEA. This activity will also contribute to the objective of establishing avenues of cooperation between IPR owners and online platforms or ISPs in SEA, as part of the on-going initiatives being undertaken by the SEA IP offices to facilitate the establishment of MoUs, or voluntary agreements, between IPR owners and ISPs.

The virtual conference targets IP officials and law enforcement authorities in SEA, and will include discussions by EU experts on the latest edition of the Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List, including the concerns of EU stakeholders in each marketplace. Best practices and a discussion of the EU’s policy approaches to combatting counterfeiting in both online and physical marketplaces will also be shared. IP and law enforcement authorities from SEA will also be invited to share any developments and actions taken by the national authorities to address the concerns identified in these marketplaces.

past activities

Webinar on Trade Secrets
IP Key SEA organised the ‘Webinar on Trade Secrets’ to raise awareness on the protection of trade secrets in the EU and in the SEA region and the remedies business owners use should their trade secrets be misappropriated.

Workshops on Advanced Patent Search and Examination
IP Key SEA in collaboration with the EPO organised four editions on different dates of the ‘Workshop on Advanced Patent Search and Examination’ to which Senior patent examiners from the patent offices of Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand are invited.
IP protection in the South-East Asia region: What EU SMEs should know
The SEA region represents the EU’s 3rd largest trading partner outside Europe with more than EUR 237.3 billion of trade in goods in 2018. The EU is the SEA region’s 2nd largest trading partner, accounting for around 14 % of SEA trade. The EU is by far the largest investor in the SEA countries with the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) stocks in the SEA region accounting for EUR 337 billion.

Other International IP Cooperation Projects

upcoming activities

May - December 2021
ARISE+ IPR supports the promotion of the ASEAN Trade Mark Common Guidelines and the ASEAN Design Common Guidelines
ARISE+ IPR released the online publication of the Guidelines in May 2020. During the latter half of the year, the project has coordinated with the ASEAN IP Offices to translate the Common Guidelines into the national languages of Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. In early 2021, the project is preparing printed materials and short videos to be promoted online and offline, so the Guidelines are accessible and used by ASEAN IP Offices, practitioners, and industry.

past activities

Support to the maintenance and updating of ASEAN IT Tools
ARISE+ IPR experts continue assisting with technical support to ASEAN IP Offices in the updating, managing and maintenance of the ASEAN IT Tools.

Roundtable discussion for ASEAN judges and prosecutors
ARISE+ IPR organised a series of online roundtable discussions for ASEAN judges and prosecutors covering the enforcement of IP rights in the judicial environment, IPR protection and enforcement in ASEAN Member States, and IPR protection from the perspective of Civil and Criminal Law. It will also include the sharing of EU decisions on IPR cases.

ARISE+ IPR contribution to AsiaGI training
Following the success of the e-AsiaGI 2020, ARISE+ IPR continued to provide support to the e-AsiaGI 2021. The training was organised virtually from 1 March and 2 April 2021. Participants spent 5-6 hours a week to participate in the five-week training. The training consisted of pre-recorded videos, readings, quizzes, group work, an online forum, and 1-2 online meetings a week for questions and answers.

IP & SMEs in ASEAN: Why intellectual property rights matter for local SMEs
ARISE+ IPR organised a two-day webinar on GI management and promotion for existing and potential GI associations in all ASEAN Member States (AMS). The speakers, shared their best practices and discuss different topics concerning the roles of GI associations in the management and promotion of GIs.

IP & SMEs in ASEAN: Why intellectual property rights matter for local SMEs
To celebrate the World IP Day 2021 and highlight the ASEAN SMEs’ ever-increasing potential, the EU-funded programme ARISE+ IPR presented a series of local SMEs’ success stories to underline how IPRs can help increase their business growth and potential expansion.

Attachment training on the Hague Agreement and the Madrid Protocol
The Hague operations training took place online on April. the attachment training on Madrid Protocol operations will take place online in June 2021. It provided an overview of the IPOS’ organisational structure and trade mark registration system, outbound and inbound processes, and the IT tools and WIPO systems used in Madrid operations. The representatives from the participating ASEAN Member States’ IP offices also described the Madrid Protocol operation in their respective countries.

Regional Workshop on IPR Enforcement
ARISE+ IPR organised the event to promote the fight against counterfeiting, especially during the COVID‑19 pandemic. It also provided a platform to share best practices from the European Union in this field, as well as to share the awareness-raising campaigns on IPR enforcement in general. The workshop covered two topics, ‘The risk of counterfeit products during the COVID‑19 pandemic from an economic point of view’ and ‘Enforcement Awareness campaigns in the European Union.’

Training on the ASEAN Common Guidelines on the Substantive Examination of Trade marks
The ARISE+ IPR programme launched the online training modules and organise a Q&A session for trade mark examiners from the ASEAN IP offices. The activity aimed to promote the revised version of the ASEAN Common Guidelines on the Substantive Examination of Trade Marks and increase the ASEAN trade mark examination process’s efficiency. An EUIPO legal expert shared their experience and information relevant to trade mark examination and the content in the revised version of the Guidelines

Impact Study of ASEAN Geographical Indication registration in the ASEAN region
The study consisted of two components: the analysis of the economic impact of the protection of national GIs in different AMSs and its contribution to trade growth and economic integration in the ASEAN region; and the analysis of potential mechanisms to facilitate the registration and protection of national GIs in different AMSs.

Evaluation study of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement
ARISE+ IPR provided legal and technical support for the elaboration of an ‘Evaluation study on the accession and recommendations on the implementation of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement on Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications.’ The evaluation study aims to assist ASEAN Member States (AMSs) interested in acceding to the Geneva Act in the pre-accession preparation and post-accession implementation. It will include key features and highlights of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement, benefits of the accession, proposal for legal acts needed for the accession and post-accession implementation, and further recommendations.

past activities

Guidelines on designs finalised
The EU-Georgia Intellectual Property Project (EUGIPP) has been supporting the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia (Sakpatenti) to develop examination guidelines for national and international design applications. IP experts spent several months working in close collaboration with lawyers from the EUIPO and Sakpatenti to draft these guidelines. These were completed and translated into Georgian.

Georgian IP Office now aligned with CP10
Sakpatenti published a practice paper on the criteria for assessing the disclosure of designs on the internet and to provide recommendations thereof. The main purpose of this practice paper’s publication is to increase transparency, legal certainty and predictability for the benefit of the users and examiners of the different IP offices. It is also intended as a point of 
reference for these and any other interested parties.

World IP Day Preparatory Online Seminar
The purpose of this webinar was to prepare school activities in view of the World IP Day. A trainer coordinated a brainstorming session with teachers and advise on how to carry out such activities successfully.

Stakeholder consultation on the guidelines for national and international design applications
EUGIPP has been supporting the Sakpatenti to develop examination guidelines for national and international design applications. IP experts spent several months working in close collaboration with lawyers from the EUIPO and Sakpatenti to draft these guidelines. The EUGIPP and Sakpatenti held a round of consultations with the relevant Georgian stakeholders. The purpose of these consultations was to collect feedback in order to develop the final draft guidelines.


past activities

GI Model law II Consultation Meeting
CarIPI reviewed the draft GI Model Law developed by CarIPI with CARIFORUM States (consultation process). The meeting held on 31st March was to to further discuss the revised draft law, along with the forms and regulations, recently developed by the project. This second consultation addressed main issues arising from the last meeting and new queries, especially as drafts persons will be in attendance.

Webinar on independence in the conduct of DUS examination and management of conflict of interest – in collaboration with CPVO and UPOV
CarIPI collaborated with CPVO and UPOV to organise a webinar on plant varieties protection, with a focus on "independence in the conduct of DUS examination and management of conflict of interest".

Specialised training for IPO staff on designs: invalidity proceedings
Following the well-received webinars intended to enhance the skills and capacity of design examiners of IP Offices in CARIFORUM states, CarIPI organised an additional session, with the involvement of experts from the EUIPO and the CARIFORUM region. During this session stakeholders exchanged best practices on the subject of design invalidity and cancellation proceedings.

New Plant Varieties Protection and UPOV Membership in the Caribbean: Experience Sharing
In collaboration with CPVO and UPOV, CarIPI hosted a webinar on New Plant Varieties Protection and UPOV Membership in the Caribbean: Experience Sharing. The objective was to increase awareness of the importance of plant breeding activities in the region, and the need for efficient systems for granting registration of PVRs.

JIPO and CarIPI together mark World IP Day 2021
On the occasion of World IP Day (26 April), the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO) and the EU-funded CarIPI project organised the IP Week ‘IP & MSMEs: Taking your ideas to market’. The purpose of the joint webinars and other online events is to give SMEs and the public the opportunity to discover how IP rights can benefit their businesses and stimulate economic growth.

IP and MSMEs: Taking your ideas to market
CarIPI and the Jamaica IP Office (JIPO) collaborated on the implementation of a webinar targeting micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs). Speakers from the public and private sectors of Jamaica and the EU discussed the challenges and best practices when it comes to use intellectual property tools to take ideas to market.

The Trinidad and Tobago Intellectual Property Office (TTIPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) launches Madrid Protocol Booklet “A Route to Global Branding for Entrepreneurs”- A guide for Trinidad and Tobago’s business community
A Booklet was launched, in celebration of World IP Day, the theme for which was “IP and SMEs: Taking your ideas to market.” It is hoped that this Booklet can assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Trinidad and Tobago on World IP Day and beyond to have a strong grasp over the Madrid System and its exponential benefits.

Check-out the IP Day activities organized by CARIFORUM IP Offices!
CarIPI collaborates with CARIFORUM IP Offices and supports the activities they undertake on World IP Day. The theme this year was IP & SMEs: Taking your ideas to market. The different national IP Offices organized a variety of interesting activities.

IP Enforcement Webinar organized by the Jamaica IP Office
Counterfeiting and piracy are growing phenomena worldwide, and also the Caribbean region is a destiny of such goods. Some products, such as counterfeited health care products and medicines can be dangerous for consumers. CarIPI supported the IP Enforcement webinar organized by the Jamaica IP Office (JIPO). The European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights shared with the stakeholders from Jamaica and the region current trends and good practices in establishing cooperation between right holders and enforcement authorities internationally to prevent piracy and counterfeiting. 


upcoming activities

September - December 2021
Development of the OAPI trade mark and designs examination guidelines
In order to enhance the quality, consistency and transparency of the examination of trade marks and designs in OAPI, it is important to have common guidelines for all examiners to use as a reference in their examination work. This will also enhance the predictability of OAPI’s decisions, benefiting all users (trade marks and designs owners and IP agents). AfrIPI will provide legal assistance to develop such guidelines.

September - December 2021
AfrIPI feeding the GI Hub
In order to provide all stakeholders with the relevant information on geographical indications in Africa in a one-stop-shop, the online GI Hub was developed by the EUIPO. AfrIPI will continue to update and further develop this platform, enhancing it with additional information, studies, and technical functionalities.

September 2021
A new African GI manual coming soon
In order to promote GIs in Africa and enhance the knowledge about them, AfrIPI will develop a detailed geographical indications manual focusing exclusively on the specific African context. It will document examples of good practices and GI success stories to address the shortfalls identified in the African GIs (including analysis and recommendations on functional GI associations and effective controls). The importance of sustainability with regards to GIs will be also documented, as well as the contribution of GIs to the economic development of the agrarian sector in Africa.

September - December 2021
Integration and implementation of IP tools
The activity aims to create awareness on the available IP tools and prepare the countries involved to integrate relevant EUIPN tools into their software. This integration process also includes the sharing of knowledge and experiences as well as technical hands-on sessions. Ever since the beginning of the AfrIPI project, OAPI spent several months gradually integrating DesignClass and the Harmonised Database tools. AfrIPI, in collaboration with the EUIPO Digital Transformation Department and other projects funded by the EU, and implemented by EUIPO, has launched the process of establishing a TMView regional interface. The AfrIPI PMT plans on launching the interface in several pilot countries first, then gradually extending it.

September - December 2021
Development of the Egyptian Trade mark and Industrial Designs Guidelines
The Twinning Project ‘Trademarks and Industrial Designs Office’ was initiated on 2020 and is scheduled to be implemented over a period of 18 months. The overall objective of the Project is to strengthen the protection of trade marks and industrial designs in Egypt. The AfrIPI PMT is currently offering support to Egypt’s twinning project partners. The Egypt Twinning project is organising training sessions for legal experts and examiners. At the training sessions AfrIPI’s Deputy Project Leader, Mr Gregor Schneider, and EUIPO member of the Boards of Appeal, Mr Stefan Martin, will be delivering presentations on EU trade mark law, procedures and case studies.

past activities

Capacity building workshop on geographical indications for public sector/policy makers in Nigeria
The main thrust of the workshop was to discuss how best to prepare the public sector in promoting GIs in Nigeria (capacity building). This was organised by the following partners: IP First Group, Africa International Trade and Commerce Research (AITCR), and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

If you (or your institution) are interested in the implementation of these activities as experts please register in the Call of Expression of interest




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