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This monthly newsletter compiles information on the upcoming and last activities carried out by the EUIPO in the context of the EU-Funded IP projects implemented on behalf of the European Commission.
IP Key Projects 
IPKey China

past activities

EU SMEs and IP: Taking your ideas to China’s market
Innovation is a key source of growth, and protection of Intellectual Property (IP) has always been the driving force of innovation. The EU, as global leader in green and digital technologies, has been taking measures to incentivise EU SMEs to make use of the full potential of IP and put them on the right track towards economic recovery.

Trade mark and software registration – taking your ideas to the market
Registering IP is an important part of launching your products on new markets, since lack of IP protection can have a negative impact on SMEs’ business competitiveness and resilience. As IP is territorial, the IP rights that EU SMEs enjoy at home do not automatically extend to other markets, unless specifically registered there. Thus, SMEs should identify the core IP they own and consider registering it in the countries and territories they plan to do business in/with.

Trade secret protection – protecting your ideas at the market
Identifying and registering IP in target markets is the first step in developing a comprehensive IP protection strategy. For SMEs to be successful in their target markets, a structured IP protection approach must take into account the particularities of the legal framework in target markets as well as the nature of SME’s intangible assets and available resources. For example, in case the SME’s product has a long-life cycle and it is not easily reverse-engineered, trade secret protection can be preferable to patent protection.

China joins TMview
TMview now includes trade mark data made available by the CNIPA, taking the total number of trade marks in the search tool from 62 to over 90 million from 75 participating IP Offices. Over 32 million Chinese trade marks are now available in the TMview information tool. This achievement was made possible thanks to the support of IP Key China, an EU-funded project that promotes intellectual property rights in China and cooperates with local authorities and is implemented and co-funded by the EUIPO.

Experts workshop on geographical indications
IP Key China project organised various exchanges and training in the context of the EU-China bilateral agreement on GIs, with the objective of supporting its entry into force. On first exchange, GI experts from the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development at the European Commission, the CNIPA and the EUIPO will exchange views and best practice on their respective roles as well as on the challenges they face in the protection of geographical indications.

IPKey Latin America

upcoming activities

June 2021
IP Key LA introduces the fourth Customs and Border Enforcement Workshop
IP Key LA continues training customs officials to enhance their understanding of the challenges present in the current landscape of international piracy and counterfeiting. The fourth Customs and Border Enforcement Workshop has been designed in an online format. Participants are expected to share the latest developments, technical skills and practical knowledge in the area of border enforcement. Selected customs officials will introduce learning tools to train colleagues in matters of border enforcement of IP rights.

June 2021
Enforcement Week Forum 2021 for Latin America
The theme of the conference is enforcement of IP rights, dealt with in four sessions: why the enforcement of IPRs is in the interest of society, their economic impact in Latin America will be demonstrated. The audience will be informed about the threats undermining IPRs as a consequence of the ever-increasing trade in counterfeit products. Experts will present tools and best practices to fight the illicit trade by way of border enforcement. The floor will be open for the audience to debate with the experts and jointly arrive at conclusions.

past activities

Geographical indications for Andean countries
Successfully protecting and promoting GIs – best practices were shared by important institutions and representatives of various GIs from Europe and Latin America at a webinar hosted by IP Key LA. Geographical indications, appellations of origin and traditional designations refer to products with specific qualities that originate from the geographical environment in which they are produced. Their economic justification depends on the specificity of the product and its link with the geographical territory and the human and climatic factors that give the unique characteristics to the product.

SMEs and intellectual property, a winning combination
EU-funded projects, such as IP Key Latin America and the Latin America IP SME Helpdesk, support SMEs either through training and education or through direct guidance and advice, in learning how to identify the different IP assets they work with, how to develop strategies to protect them, and how to use IP-related knowledge in marketing the product locally, regionally and internationally.

Seminars on IP solutions for SMEs working in Latin America
IP Key LA has worked intensively to raise awareness and inform SMEs about the opportunities and advantages of protecting IPR. The project has planned two seminars that will take place in a virtual environment, both in Latin America and the EU. The seminars included topics such as ‘Intellectual Property Rights for innovative SMEs’, and ‘Achieving competitiveness though IPRs’, aiming to cover basic strategies related with the commercialisation of IPRs, particularly on business with an international reach.

IP & SMEs: Taking your ideas to the market
What to do with your business ideas, and why it is important that you protect them through Intellectual Property means before entering any new market like Latin American Countries but, how about we give the voice this time to some SMEs who have made use of the Latin International IP SME Helpdesk?

A more sustainable world, thanks to an SME and its relationship with IP
Spirit Design is a leading international strategic design company based in Vienna. Their team of consultants and designers assists customers in selected target industries to prepare for the future through the development and implementation of key innovation and branding strategies. Georg Wagner, the owner, joined IP Key Latin America during the celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day. During a conversation with César E. Fernández, from the Latin America IP SME Helpdesk, he discussed the experiences he has had as a businessman in protecting his IPRs.

IPKey South-East Asia

upcoming activities

April - June 2021
Workshops on Advanced Patent Search and Examination with EPO
IPKey SEA will invite senior patent examiners from the patent offices of Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand to attend the ‘Workshop on Advanced Patent Search and Examination’ organised by the project in collaboration with the EPO. The workshops aim to establish a platform for the exchange of best practices between European patent search experts and senior SEA patent examiners. The workshops will contribute to further improving the efficiency of the search and examination process and the capability of SEA patent examiners, especially when dealing with complex patent applications. The activity also aims to promote consistency between patent search and examination results in Europe and South-East Asia.

10 - 11 June 2021
Webinars on Plant Variety Protection and UPOV 1991
IPKey SEA is organising 'Webinars on Plant Variety Protection and UPOV 1991. This online event is a follow-up to the webinar series organised by the IP Key SEA in collaboration with the CPVO and with the cooperation of the UPOV in November 2020. This webinar series will focus on the contribution of plant variety protection to sustainable farming and global food security while reducing the impact on climate change. The webinars will also cover the benefits of UPOV 1991 membership for farmers and plant breeders as well as issues concerning plant variety rights protection in South East Asia.

June 2021
Training of Plant Variety Protection Officials in Thailand
This activity involves the provision of legal training to plant variety protection, agriculture and other officials from Thailand. The focus of the training will be on the salient provisions of UPOV 1991 and any issues on the improvement of plant variety protection that benefits plant breeders and farmers.

June 2021
Workshop on IPR Customs Enforcement: Risk Indicators, Trends and Issues in SEA
This activity seeks to contribute to improving the capacities of IP and customs authorities in the SEA countries, and to raise awareness about the latest modus operandi and methods adopted by infringers in the cross-border trafficking of goods. The findings and facts from the recent EU Observatory studies on the common provenance countries, routes and modus operandi in the cross-border trafficking of IPR-infringing goods will be discussed at the workshop. The use of the postal system for trafficking small parcels and the issue of goods in transit (or those that are transhipped) as well as counterfeit goods in free trade zones will also be discussed.

June 2021
Conference on Combatting Counterfeit Medicines, Medical Devices and Protective Equipment
The conference will highlight the dangers and, at times, fatal risks posed by counterfeit medicines, medical devices and protective equipment, and emphasise the gravity of the problem given its global impact during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will bring to light the important role that IPRs play in promoting the health and safety of consumers worldwide, as well as the need for international cooperation as the present public health crisis and the dangers brought about by counterfeit medicines remains a global concern.

past activities

IP protection in the South-East Asia region: What EU SMEs should know
The SEA region represents the EU’s 3rd largest trading partner outside Europe with more than EUR 237.3 billion of trade in goods in 2018. The EU is the SEA region’s 2nd largest trading partner, accounting for around 14 % of SEA trade. The EU is by far the largest investor in the SEA countries with the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) stocks in the SEA region accounting for EUR 337 billion.

Workshops on Advanced Patent Search and Examination
IP Key SEA in collaboration with the EPO organised four editions on different dates of the ‘Workshop on Advanced Patent Search and Examination’ to which Senior patent examiners from the patent offices of Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand are invited.

Exchange of Best Practices on IPR Legal Remedies
SEA hosted a ‘Colloquium on Effective Legal Remedies for the Enforcement of IP Rights in South-East Asia’ for IP judges and prosecutors in SEA. The online event was built upon the informal network of SEA judges established during several past IP Key SEA activities. This platform for exchanges aimed to raise awareness among SEA judges and prosecutors on the latest methods, jurisprudence, and developments related to the granting of legal remedies against IPR infringements in both physical and online environments.

IP Key SEA Enforcement Series 2021
IPR enforcement requires the cooperation and close collaboration of multiple stakeholders to effectively combat IPR infringements in the physical and online environment. Adopting this multi-stakeholder approach that includes various actors in the IPR enforcement ecosystem, IP Key South-East Asia presented the IPR Enforcement Series 2021.During the series of events organised, IP judges and prosecutors to the ‘Colloquium on Effective Legal Remedies for the Enforcement of IP Rights in South-East Asia,’ online platforms, SMEs, and IPR owners to the ‘Webinar on the Protection and Enforcement of IPRs in Online Platforms in South-East Asia’ and IP and law enforcement authorities for the ‘Conference on Combatting Counterfeiting and Piracy in South-East Asia’ were invited.

IPRs futureproof an SME’s continued growth
There are many benefits to living in an increasingly globalised and digitised world, such as greater connectivity, increased global trade and better information sharing. However, implicit in these benefits is a much greater potential for IPR infringement. It is more important than ever that businesses, particularly SMEs, proactively take the necessary actions to mitigate this risk. It is vital for SMEs to recognise that IPR ownership has benefits beyond solely preventing counterfeiting and infringement. Registering IPRs prevents both the potential and significant damages that can result from this activity. It also opens up vast commercial opportunities for the expansion of the company and licensing to external parties when done in the early stages of development.

Webinar Series on Geographical Indications
IP Key South-East Asia organised its third Webinar Series on GIs as a follow-up to the GI webinars held in 2020 and focused on best practices in controlling GIs, protection and enforcement in the global market, and the main features of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement on Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications. The webinars continued to promote the benefits of the sui generis GI system in rural and community development.

Webinar on Enforcement of IP Rights in Online Platforms in SEA
This webinar aimed to raise awareness among EU businesses, particularly SMEs, on how to better enforce their IPRs when faced with infringing content in online and e-commerce platforms in SEA. Representatives from DG TRADE and DG GROW, online platforms, and EU IPR owners in SEA participated in the webinar. Representatives from e-commerce and social media websites were invited to present their IP policies and procedures for EU businesses to become familiar with each platform’s requirements.

Conference on Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List
The ‘Conference on Combatting Counterfeiting and Piracy in South-East Asia’ targeted IP and law enforcement authorities in SEA. The conference included discussions on the latest edition of the Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List, including the concerns of EU stakeholders in each marketplace, namely online service providers, e-commerce platforms, and physical marketplaces located in tourism areas and free trade zones. Best practices and the EU’s policy approaches to combatting counterfeiting in both online and physical marketplaces were shared by the representatives from DG TRADE’s IP Unit, DG GROW’s Intangible Economy Unit, the EUIPO’s EU Observatory on Infringements of IPRs, the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines, and Europol’s IP Crime Coordinated Coalition (IPC3).

Other International IP Cooperation Projects

upcoming activities

April - June 2021
Attachment training on the Hague Agreement and the Madrid Protocol
In collaboration with the IPOS, ARISE+ IPR is organising an online training session on the Hague Agreement operations and another online training session on Madrid Protocol operations. Both these training events will provide support to ASEAN Member States in the post-accession implementation of these WIPO-administered international treaties

past activities
IP & SMEs in ASEAN: Why IPRs matter for local SMEs
To celebrate the World IP Day 2021 and highlight the ASEAN SMEs’ ever-increasing potential, the EU-funded programme ARISE+ IPR presented a series of local SMEs’ success stories to underline how IPRs can help 
increase their business growth and potential expansion.

A new edition of the annual Regional Workshop on IPR Enforcement took place online. ARISE+ IPR organised the event to promote the fight against counterfeiting, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic. It also provided a platform to share best practices from the European Union in this field, as well as to share the awareness-raising campaigns on IPR enforcement in general. The workshop covered two topics, ‘The risk of counterfeit products during the COVID 19 pandemic from an economic point of view’ and ‘Enforcement Awareness campaigns in the European Union.’

The ARISE+ IPR programme launched the online training modules and organised a Q&A session for trade mark examiners from the ASEAN IP offices. The activity aimed to promote the revised version of the ASEAN Common Guidelines on the Substantive Examination of Trade Marks and increased the ASEAN trade mark examination process’s efficiency. An EUIPO legal expert shared their experience and information relevant to trade mark examination and the content in the revised version of the Guidelines, which was published on the ASEAN IP Portal website and the ARISE+ IPR website in May 2020.

Impact Study of ASEAN GI registration in the ASEAN region
ARISE+ IPR will provide technical and administrative support for the elaboration of an ‘Impact Study of ASEAN GI registration in the ASEAN region’. The Impact Study aimed to encourage and facilitate the registration of national GIs in other ASEAN Member States (AMSs), with an end-of-view to promoting and protecting local GIs in the ASEAN market; and contributing to the extension of the IPR protection. The study consisted of two components: the analysis of the economic impact of the protection of national GIs in different AMSs and its contribution to trade growth and economic integration in the ASEAN region; and the analysis of potential mechanisms to facilitate the registration and protection of national GIs in different AMSs.

Evaluation study of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement
ARISE+ IPR provided legal and technical support for the elaboration of an ‘Evaluation study on the accession and recommendations on the implementation of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement on Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications.’ The evaluation study aimed to assist ASEAN Member States (AMSs) interested in acceding to the Geneva Act in the pre-accession preparation and post-accession implementation. It included key features and highlights of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement, benefits of the accession, proposal for legal acts needed for the accession and post-accession implementation, and further recommendations. The evaluation study was conducted for Lao PDR and Myanmar.

ARISE+ IPR supports the promotion of the ASEAN Trade Mark and Design Common Guidelines
ARISE+ IPR provided technical support to the publication, translation, and promotion of two common guidelines developed under the framework of ECAP III Phase II and updated under the framework of the ARISE+ IPR project. The project aimed for the common guidelines, namely the ASEAN Common Guidelines on the Substantive Examination of Trade Marks and the ASEAN Common Guidelines on the Examination and Registration of Industrial Designs, to help improve the quality of examination and registration in the ASEAN countries and ensure transparency throughout the process. In early 2021, the project prepared printed materials and short videos to be promoted online and offline, so the Guidelines are accessible and used by ASEAN IP Offices, practitioners, and industry.

IP and brand identity - How a Brunei sportswear brand expanded their business with a helping hand from trade mark protection
The previous plan focused on accelerating economic growth and enhancing the human capital’s potential, the current plan goes further and has the following aims to facilitate the private sector to start businesses, attract direct foreign investment, encourage cross-border trade, empower the country’s micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). As the national economy relies heavily on the exponential export of oil and gas, the government has been developing several strategies and development programmes to help diversify the country’s industries. The strategy concerning IPRs is part of this diversification approach. With the helping hand of an efficient IPR protection system, local MSMEs feel much more secure doing business.

upcoming activities

3 june 2021
‘Creativity and IP in Georgian schools’ closing event
EUGIPI will present the results of the ‘Creativity and IP in Georgian schools’ activity and the lessons learned for the next academic year. During the event, which will officially bring the activity to an end, we will also celebrate the achievements of the students and pupils involved. Representatives of the Georgian Ministry of Education, who have supported the initiative since its inception, will be in attendance.

14 - 15 june 2021
Exchange of experiences on counterfeiting and piracy enforcement
The activity aims to encourage participants to engage further in enforcing IP rights and promote the use of best practices on border and internal enforcement measures to prosecute IP infringements. In particular, a workshop will focus on developing common practices and reinforcing communication channels to enhance prevention against infringements of IP rights. Moreover, participants will be able to share experiences and examples illustrating enforcement actions in their respective fields.

15 - 16 June 2021
Colloquium with EU judges and courts
Following the participation of Georgian judges in the IP Case Law conference organised by the Boards of Appeal of the EUIPO in October 2020, this activity aims to take a step forward in the exchange of information on best practices and recent IP cases between European and Georgian judges. During the seminar, EU and Georgian judges will examine case-law, referring to their jurisdictions and national case-law on copyright infringement cases as well as trade mark and/or design infringements.

past activities

World IP Day initiatives at Georgian schools
EUGIPP and Sakpatenti held a series of events to celebrate World IP Day. The objectives were to raise awareness of intellectual property and to encourage creativity among school pupils through various activities and to help teachers and pupils become familiar with IP-related topics. Moreover, with the support of the Ideaspowered@school initiative, learning materials in Georgian were produced and made available to teachers and pupils. All of the materials are also available on the EUGIPP website.

Stakeholder consultation on the guidelines for national and international design applications
EUGIPP has been supporting Sakpatenti to develop examination guidelines for national and international design applications. IP experts spent several months working in close collaboration with lawyers from EUIPO and Sakpatenti to draft these guidelines. The purpose of these consultations was to collect feedback in order to develop the final draft guidelines. The guidelines on designs will enhance the administrative frameworks for protecting IPR in Georgia and will improve the quality of IPR administration services.


upcoming activities

May - September 2021
Support to local businesses in CARIFORUM: case study & training on business and marketing strategies – ongoing
From organic beauty products to aged rum and hot pepper sauce, CARIFORUM producers have a lot to offer to the international markets. To achieve greater market presence, there is a need for CARIFORUM Origin-Linked Products (OLPs) to be better branded, marketed and promoted. CarIPI is currently collaborating with experts from the region to produce evidence-based data and training targeting BSOs and businesses on how to unlock the potential added value of CARIFORUM Origin Linked Products through the use of branding and marketing strategies.

22 June 2021
Regional workshop on the classification tool: TMClass
CarIPI will host a regional workshop on the classification tool (TMClass) in which the first Caribbean regional interface ‘Caribbean TM Class’ will be presented. The occasion will also serve to share practical knowledge and experience on TMClass with a specific focus on the benefits for IPOs and IP system users, particularly SMEs. Among these benefits, it is clear that a list of accepted terms which are public and clear to all applicants, lead to less errors in the application process and reduce workload for the examiners.

June 2021
Webinar ‘The Madrid System in Trinidad and Tobago. A route to global branding for entrepreneurs
CarIPI will soon host a webinar to promote the Madrid International Registration System for SMEs in Trinidad and Tobago, in collaboration with TTIPO. This comes timely after the country’s recent accession to the Treaty, which gives national businesses the possibility to register their trade marks globally. This webinar will also serve to present the booklet “The Madrid Protocol – A Route to Global Branding for Entrepreneurs” designed by CarIPI to guide entrepreneurs through international registration of their trade marks and serve as a reference document for companies who want to protect their brands in international markets.

12 July 2021
Webinar on the importance and benefits of the international IPR treaties
CarIPI will hold a regional webinar to raise awareness among decision-makers in the CARIFORUM region, and in particular among national EPA Coordinators, on the benefits of the international registrations to facilitate international trade. Speakers from the EU and the CARIFORUM region will touch upon the main IPR treaties, such as Madrid, Hague, Lisbon, and UPOV explaining why it is beneficial for the CARIFORUM States to join them. The membership experience from different countries in the region will be shared.

past activities

New Plant Varieties Protection and UPOV Membership in the Caribbean: Experience Sharing
In collaboration with CPVO and UPOV, CarIPI hosted a webinar on New Plant Varieties Protection and UPOV Membership in the Caribbean: Experience Sharing. The objective was to increase awareness of the importance of plant breeding activities in the region, and the need for efficient systems for granting registration of PVRs. On this occasion the OREVADO shared the experience and results of the recent implementation of a functioning PVR framework (result of a CarIPI activity under AWP1) for the benefit of all CS, and especially the countries which have just acceded UPOV, like Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, or are in preparation for joining the Union.

JIPO and CarIPI together mark World IP Day 2021
JIPO and the EU-funded CarIPI project organised the IP Week ‘IP & MSMEs: Taking your ideas to market’. The purpose of the joint webinars and other online events, was to give SMEs and the public the opportunity to discover how IP rights can benefit their businesses and stimulate economic growth. Andrea di Carlo, Deputy Executive Director of the EUIPO participated in the official opening ceremony.

CarIPI and the JIPO collaborated on the implementation of a webinar targeting micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs). Speakers from the public and private sectors of Jamaica and the EU discussed the challenges and best practices when it comes to use intellectual property tools to take ideas to market.

Launch of the new publication: The Madrid Protocol in Trinidad and Tobago
The theme of the booklet launched in celebration of World IP Day was “IP and SMEs: Taking your ideas to market”. It is expected, that can assist SMEs in Trinidad and Tobago to have a strong grasp over the Madrid System and its exponential benefits.

Check-out the IP Day activities by CARIFORUM IP Offices!
CarIPI collaborated with CARIFORUM IP Offices and supported the activities they undertake on World IP Day. The theme this year was IP & SMEs: Taking your ideas to market

IP Enforcement Webinar by the Jamaica IP Office
Counterfeiting and piracy are growing phenomena worldwide, and also the Caribbean region is a destiny of such goods. Some products, such as counterfeited health care products and medicines can be dangerous for consumers. CarIPI is supporting the IP Enforcement webinar organized by the JIPO. The European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights shared with the stakeholders from Jamaica and the region current trends and good practices in establishing cooperation between right holders and enforcement authorities internationally to prevent piracy and counterfeiting. 


upcoming activities

23 June 2021
Workshop on Industrial Designs
The main focus of the activities to create awareness on international best practices on designs that can help the IPOs gain efficiency. Additionally, the activity seeks to establish a roadmap of the implementations of those international best practices that should be envisaged in coming years. The activity also aims to conclude the first integrations of ARIPO member states countries’ design registration practices and procedures in the months following the workshop.

past activities

Capacity building workshop on GIs for public sector/policy makers in Nigeria
The main thrust of the workshop was to discuss how best to prepare the public sector in promoting GIs in Nigeria (capacity building). This was organised by the following partners: IP First Group, AITCR, and the EUIPO. The event was hybrid in nature and it served as a platform to discuss the benefits of protecting GIs. The partners also looked at the technical requirements of implementing a sui generis system to protect and promote GIs in Nigeria, and sought to identify local policymakers and influencers willing to help draft the legislation needed to support the initiative.

Regional workshop on accession to the Banjul protocol
AfrIPI held an online workshop in collaboration with ARIPO on the Banjul Protocol on Marks. Implementing the protocol from legal and operational perspectives was discussed with a view to demonstrating the benefits of accession. Accession to the protocol by ARIPO Member States and observer/potential Member States was encouraged. Finally, ideas were proposed on how to improve the future implementation of the protocol.

Vienna Classification System Trainings
The AfrIPI project seeks to promote the African IPOs’ awareness of the advantages of the existing international system of IP. Within this framework, three training sessions on the Vienna Classification (VCL) system were given to trade mark examiners in the Ethiopian IP office: the first two sessions focused on giving a general introduction to the VCL. The third session, followed a practical and interactive approach in presenting the EUIPO’s process model: from integrating the code, through the quality check and review to generating the search report for users.

OAPI Trademark Awards
In line with its commitment to increase awareness of the importance and value of intellectual property to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and the productive sectors, the AfrIPI project supported the delivery of the 3rd edition of the OAPI Trademark Awards in Douala, Cameroon.

Training for trade mark examiners in Morocco
AfrIPI delivered on-demand training activities that were tailored to the specific needs of public officials in the field of IP. The training, which was requested by the Moroccan Industrial and Commercial Property Office, focused on practical issues related to trade mark examinations. Experts from the EUIPO gave presentations on the best practices used in trade mark revocation and declaration of invalidity procedures.

Egypt joins TMclass
The TIDO joined TMclass with goods and services in Arabic. This latest addition of TIDO brings the total number of national and regional IP offices in the tool, including ARIPO, OAPI, WIPO and EUIPO, to 82.

If you (or your institution) are interested in the implementation of these activities as experts please register in the Call of Expression of interest




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